Perfectly planned

Thorough preparation is the key to your road bike Adventure on the Stoneman Miriquidi Road.

Whether in one, two or three days – the Stoneman Miriquidi Road is a unique experience in any case.

You decide where to start – just as it suits you best. You are entirely free to choose the date for your ride within the season.

Finally: The 2018 season on the Stoneman Miriquidi Road has started on June 16th!

Stoneman Miriquidi Road Rennrad Strecke

The Stoneman Miriquidi Road is located in the south of Saxony and north-west of the Czech Republic.

The Stoneman Miriquidi Road is "the new A and O for road cyclists". A for Altenberg, the easternmost city on the route, and O for Oberwiesenthal, the westernmost.

  • north-south spread: approx. 30 km
  • east-west spread: approx. 70 km

The Stoneman Miriquidi Road is quickly and easily accessible from the surrounding regions via Autobahn A4, A17 and A72 in Germany as well as the motorways D7 and D8 in the Czech Republic.

Arrival by train is also possible at any time: Four stations on German (Annaberg-Buchholz, Olbernhau-Saigerhütte, Holzhau, Altenberg) and Czech (Litvínov, Chomutov, Klášterec nad Ohří, Perštejn) sides connect easily to the route.

Stoneman Miriquidi Road/Rennrad Erzgebirge

The Stoneman Miriquidi Road runs clockwise and consists of 13 checkpoints. Access is possible at any point.

Important: The route runs on the public road network. Therefore, unlike the Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike, it is not signposted.

About three days before the ride every registered starter receives the current GPS track. Also all lodging partners have the current GPS track available upon check-in.

In addition, a detailed, 36-page roadbook (DIN A6) is included with each starter bag, showing the current route and the characteristics of the individual stages.

Stoneman Miriquidi Road/Rennrad Erzgebirge: Schwartenberg

All roads lead to Stoneman Miriquidi Road. The best way to reach it by car:

  • From Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin via the A 13 to Dresden and on to the desired starting point.
  • From Saxony-Anhalt, Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein to Leipzig and then via the A 72 to the desired starting point.
  • From Hesse, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, take the A4 to Chemnitz and continue on to your desired starting point.
  • From Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg via the A 72 to Chemnitz and then on to the desired starting point.

A demanding 290 km distance and 4,900 meters of elevation gain.

The Stoneman Miriquidi Road is really tough! The route is not only 290 km long, but it includes 13 steep, winding ascents of up to 18 percent gradient which require strength and endurance. The Gold is therefore only accessible for experienced and fit road cyclists. If in doubt, give yourself enough time for your first trip and try for the Silver or Bronze on your first go.

The best starting points for your Stoneman Miriquidi road bike experience are the official offices for the starter package and the Logis-Partner.

Looking for stage suggestions for silver (two days) or bronze (three days)? Below you will find tips for route planning for conquering the Stoneman Miriquidi Road in two or three days.

Gold (1 day)
  • The best time to ride is in the weeks between June and August. During this time, there is at least 13 hours of sunlight per day.
  • Start immediately after sunrise and only if you are physically and mentally completely fit.
  • Choose your starting point so that Klínovec is not your last checkpoint.
  • Always use a GPS device with the current GPS track. We will send it to you by e-mail three days before your tour.
  • The Stoneman Miriquidi Road is not to be underestimated: For gold, your annual quota should be at least 5,000 bicycle-km.
Silver (2 days)
Bronze (3 days)

Any queries concerning your Stoneman Miriquidi Road experience?
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Stoneman Miriquidi Road-saison 2019: 26. April to 3. November

It was intense, demanding and very beautiful. Lots of nature, many views, many small roads, landscape very, very great - the route planners have put a lot of effort. Really recommended. I definitely want to ride again in 2018.
Michael R. · 6/2018 · gold

Stoneman Miriquidi Road Rennrad Erzgebirge Höhenprofil
2 Länder, 13 Stiche, 4.900 Höhenmeter
–Stoneman Miriquidi Road: the new A and O for road bike fans.–
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